Why Create Latte Art

Let's start by understanding the WHY behind great latte art. Every great what has to have a good why. If you are going to take the time to learn from this course and then diligently practice this material with every drink, you need to know WHY you are doing it.

Here are a few reasons we are convinced that latte art is a must for every barista:

  • It shows you value the product.
  • It shows you value the customer or guest.
  • It shows that you value the experience.

All three of these are important. We make coffee and serve coffee because we love coffee. Therefore, we take the time brew it perfectly. When I am able to place art on top of a cup, people know that I've paid attention to the process of brewing and making a great final product.

But making good coffee is of no use if we have no one to serve it to (we can only drink so much ourselves, right?). So we want to value our guest by showing them that we are paying attention to what we are serving. This doesn't have to take a long time, because valuing their time is important. But if I can value their time AND give them something that looks and tastes great, then I have shown great care for them.

Finally, the experience of delivering a great product that you are proud of should be fun. By paying attention to the art on a cup, we are enjoying and valuing the process. Every step that goes into making a great cup of coffee — from growing the bean to brewing the cup — should be a great experience.

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